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  • 30 Jun 2022 by Christine Hughes Pontier

    Statement released from the Alliance, the global organization that promotes infant mental health of which we are an affiliate:

    Friday’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has left many of us feeling disgusted, disheartened, and outraged. Access to safe abortion is an essential part of reproductive healthcare, family planning, and overall community and societal wellbeing. 

    The Alliance advocates for the rights of all child-bearing people, the right to safe and quality health care, women’s rights, and the right to choose. In our efforts to lead with an anti-racist lens to promote equity and advance social justice, it is difficult to find words that capture what this regressive and harmful ruling means for our country, for childbearing people, and for marginalized communities; communities continuously impacted by unjust policies, practices, and laws. In our support of professionals working with pregnant people, infants, and families, we are also struck by the implications that this ruling has on the systems our infant-early childhood mental health professionals work within, on the communities we serve, and on our ability to properly care and advocate for the people we have committed our careers to serving.   

    Our hearts go out to those who are and will be directly, physically, and emotionally impacted. Our minds continue to commit to work that promotes equity and work that builds healthy and strong communities for our infants. Our hope is that our infant-early childhood mental health workforce stands strong together in supporting our community through this time. Our desire is that our workforce, leaders, and all with any voice to be heard will lead in the restoration and protection of our community's most fundamental human rights.

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