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Celebrate Babies Week - Day 5 Finale!
27 Oct 2021 by Christine Hughes Pontier

Today, FAIMH celebrates YOU!

You've heard from us a lot this week, so we'll keep this email brief. THANK YOU.

For all that you do, for the time you spend, for ways that you sacrifice, for the passion and drive you have to do better for our babies and their families, for the effort it takes, for the commitments you keep, for the fact that you are still here and still showing up for your fellow professionals when our community is called together. Thank you.

This Celebrate Babies Week, designed by FAIMH's incredible leader Dr. Harleen Hutchinson, has been a time for us to re-ignite the passion, reconnect to our purpose, and come together to share the joy, the challenges and the appreciation that we all have for each other as colleagues.

Please take time to watch the videos that were sent in from professionals and organizations all over Florida to share how they celebrate babies and how they celebrate all of us professionals....and know that you are valued, appreciated, and celebrated.

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