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TBT to FAIMH Celebrating Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day!
12 May 2022 by Jamie Dolan

Last Thursday we hosted our National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day IMH Conversation and it was all about the new Policy & Practice Brief, Addressing Suspension and Expulsion in Early Childhood Education Settings: An Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health-Informed Approach published by the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health. During this event you heard from the briefs co-authors, Dr. Harleen Hutchinson FAIMH Vice President and Dr. Kimberly Renk former FAIMH Board Member & Professor at UCF. Our partner Tamara Price of the Florida Department of Education Division of Early Learning (DEL) also spoke on the subject and highlighted some of many programs they support around the state. 

Did you miss it? Don’t worry you can watch it now!

IMH Conversation: The Role IECMH Plays in Addressing ECE Suspension & Expulsion

Zoom Recording

Passcode: 6B@F=z8G